¡¤Hubei receives 26.658 million visitors during the Chinese Ne2018/02/23
¡¤Direct air route to link Central China city with London2018/02/22
¡¤Yangtze port expansion serves regional economic development2018/02/06
¡¤Fresenius eyes Hubeis healthcare industry2018/02/06
¡¤Wuhan to have 40,000 new energy vehicles by 20222018/01/08
¡¤Wuhan tram lines to test operation next month2017/12/19
¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No. 80 of 2016 on the Final Ruling of th2017/01/24
¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No.3 of 2017 on the Preliminary Ruling o2017/01/20
¡¤Contracts between Hubei enterprises and the ries along the "2017/01/19
¡¤Hubei reports the imports and exports of 20162017/01/18

¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No.13 of 2018 on Countervailing Investig2018/02/13
¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No. 88 of 20162017/01/11
¡¤Announcement of the Ministry of Commerce [2016] No.302016/06/22
¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No. 40 of 2015 on Expiry of Anti-dumping2015/10/26
¡¤China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette [Issue 2015/09/26
¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No. 28 of 2015 on Consents on Succession2015/08/26
¡¤China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette [Issue 2014/10/28
¡¤MOFCOM Announcement No. 57 of 2014 on Final Ruling on the An2014/09/10
¡¤Arbitration Law of the Peoples Republic of China2013/12/25
¡¤Renewable Energy Law of the Peoples Republic of China2013/12/21

¡¤Chinese app beautifies world with localized services2018/02/24
¡¤Chinese telecom companies lead WDM Metro equipment market in2018/02/24
¡¤China may overtake UK in wine consumption2018/02/16
¡¤China trade in services statistics2018/01/29
¡¤Foreign Trade Development Bureau and Korea Trade-Investment 2017/12/20
¡¤Shanghai Shipyard Sets Sights on Cruise Liner Market2017/12/05
¡¤The Chinese Provinces-U.S. Washington State Trade & Investme2017/08/05
¡¤Chinas large airliner expects maiden flight in first half of2017/02/07
¡¤Shanghai G20 meeting vitally important for New Zealand trade2016/07/11

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade£¬Hubei Sub-Council(China Chamber of International Commerce£¬ Hubei Chamber of Commerce) is a provincial non-governmental economic and trade organization composed of social dignitaries and representatives of enterprises and organizations in Hubei¡¯s economic and trade circles. CCPIT HUBEI aims are to promote foreign trade£¬attract and utilize foreign capital£¬introduce advanced foreign technology and foster various forms of economic and technical cooperation with foreign countries.


International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is an equivalent international organization as WTO servicing for the global economy and trade. Permitted by the State Council in 1988, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) was introduced as China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) in foreign affairs. In 1995, CCPIT became a formal member of ICC. CCOIC Hubei Chamber of Commerce is a branch of CCOIC in Hubei Province.

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